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Tingue Videos

Apron Tracking

Step-by-step tutorial on the tracking of an apron on an American Sylon and Super Sylon ironer. Bonus footage shows replacement of the spiral roll bearing block and replacing needle bearings in an apron cone.

Added 12/14/23

Clean and Wax Demonstration

Step-by-step tutorial on the proper technique to clean and wax a flatwork ironer.

Added 12/13/23

Setting Ironer Roll Pressure

Step-by-step tutorial on how to set ironer roll pressure on American Sylon and Super Sylon ironers.

Added 12/13/23

American Super Sylon/Sylon Vacuum Maintenance Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial detailing the vacuum maintenance of Sylon and Super Sylon ironers. Conducted by Rep Danny Blandford and narrated by National Accounts Manager Matt Vacca.

Added 8/3/23 Tour

Tingue's National Accounts Manager Matt Vacca takes users on a tour of, its features, and navigation.

Added 8/3/23

Tingue: 120 Years of Excellence

A short video commemorating the history and culture of Tingue on its 120th Anniversary

Added 8/3/23