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Raising Rigs

This flatwork ironer Raising Rig from Tingue quickly raises the rolls with one simple switch. It replaces slow, hand-operated roll raising assemblies, allowing jammed linens to be cleared before they are damaged, while keeping workers a safe distance from the ironer rolls. You can prevent worker exposure to injury with the Tingue Raising Rig, save on workers' comp and reduce lost work time. You might even save life and limb. 

Your Tingue Raising Rig also helps control costs and extend the life of your flatwork ironer and its dressings. It features raise and lower stops for easy, one-touch nightly pressure release to allow the pads, covers and aprons to relax for high performance over longer periods of time. Resetting the proper pressure each day is easy for almost anyone running the ironer. This improved control over the proper pressure translates to maximum drying with the least amount of energy as possible. It also extends pad and roll cover life. The Raising Rig works in tandem with the Tingue Right Hand Drive Conversion for maximum efficiency and cost savings. 

Smart Design
Tingue engineers designed the Raising Rig with additional safeguards for smooth operation. It cannot be over-rotated or turned in the wrong direction like outdated, manual assemblies. For more information about Tingue Raising Rigs, please call us at 800.222.9954.

Raising Rigs